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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We aim to assist all our customers, and in order to save time and make it easier for you; here is a list of some of the most common questions sent to our Customer Support team.

Must all tasks be soft copy?

Many might have tasks which are in hard copy or might want services rendered offline. Contact us for an arrangement. Remember its your responsibility to make task reach us. Its only after we get a task that we’ll start counting deadlines.

My order was declined.
When “credit card was declined” appears while processing an order, it means that your credit card issuer/bank has declined the transaction. Usually, a quick call to your card issuer/bank will clear this up. Please, include your full names, address and phone number where we can contact you at any level of our business. If you have difficulties ordering, there should be a problem somewhere.

I did not receive my confirmation email/receipt email.
our support team send you a confirmation email everytime payments were successful

Can I pay after my service is rendered?

No! unfortunately, you have to take the risk to do payments prior any work. KBB is out to stay and we trust in our professionals. Payment before service is a risk you must take. Immediately we get confirmation for payments, we start processing your task.

I was double-charged.
We are here to help! Sometimes, there could be pending jobs on your credit card. Drop us a mail or call our customer line. We’ll double check and get back to you asap.

I want to pay by mobile transfer how do I go about it?
all payment methods are on our page. You could pay through mobile money, credit card or drop the money into our account. Immediately we get the pament confirmation, our experts start working on your task.

I am concerned that your order page is not secure.
Our Order Pages are hosted in a very secure environment. And we update security everyday to make sure we secure your payments. However, avoid disclosing certain informations concerning your bank accounts and personal information to third parties. KBB declines itself from such responsibility.

Customer support hours
Drop us an email at any time and we’ll get back to you in less than two working days. Call us for urgent matters everyday between 7am to 7 pm.

I need technical support with my purchase – who should I contact?
All requests for technical support or product related questions should be directed to us through our email.

Do I need to register before I can make a purchase?

No! you must not be a registered member of our website to access services.

Does the shopping cart auto-calculate shipping costs?

No! all prices are for the goods. Shipping costs are calculated differently. Customers can however suggest shipping methods.

Do you ship everywhere in the world?

No! However, we can discuss shipping methods with clients.

Are services only offered in English

Kamer BB has two working languages, that is English and French. KBB offers translation in four languages : English, French, Spannish and Chinese.

I love KBB, how can I donate?

Thank you, Please visit our donation page. All donation is highly appreciated.

How can I talk directly to your professionals?

Drop your queries and our customer care will direct them to our professionals. If need be, they’ll contact you directly.

What if my question isn’t answered here?

In this case, please drop us a mail and we’ll get back to you.